Doctor Who: Series 5 Volume 4 (Blu-Ray)

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Features episodes 10-13

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Matt Smith is the new Doctor, mercurial & energetic. Karen Gillan is Amy Pond the Doctor's new smart & sassy assistant. Written by BAFTA award winner Stephen Moffat, writer of landmark episodes including The Empty Child and Blink. This volume contains episodes 10-13.
Episode 10
Terror lurks in the cornfields of Provence, but only a sad and lonely painter can see it. Amy Pond finds herself shoulder to shoulder with Vincent van Gogh, in a battle with a deadly alien. But can even the Doctor save Vincent? Guest star Tony Curran.
Episode 11
The Doctor faces his greatest challenge yet, a flat share. People are disappearing on Aickman Road, and the Doctor must solve the mystery of a staircase that people walk up, but never down.
Episodes 11 and 13
A message on the oldest cliff-face in the universe, a puzzle box opening from the inside and a love that lasts thousands of years....the fates are drawing close around the Tardis, is this the day the Doctor falls? Guest stars James Corden and Daisy Haggard
Doctor Who has won over 60 awards including BAFTAs for Best Drama and Best Writer.

Release Date 06-09-2010
Cast List Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Tony Curran, James Corden, Daisy Haggard

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