Balamory: Daisy Bus Days (DVD)

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Features 5 episodes new to DVD as well as a sing-along

The DVD contains five episodes new to DVD as well as animated menus and a sing-along: In The Map, Edie takes the children on a tour of the island in the Daisy Bus and enlists the help of Archie and Spencer to create some bright pictures of the places they are visiting. In Trip to the Moon, Edie turns the nursery into the Moon and her Daisy Bus is transformed into a rocket so the children can travel to the nursery moon. In Sausages, Edie takes the children to feed the animals at the farm. But the farm dog isn't hungry because he seems to have eaten the sausages that Edie left in the Daisy bus. In Highland Games, Archie's leaflets for the Highland Games have all blown away on a windy day in Balamory. Spencer is too busy getting his one man band ready and has no time to make more. So Archie and Edie use the Daisy Bus to let everyone in Balamory know about the Highland Games. In The Wedding, PC Plum is best man for Roddy and Katy's wedding and Archie is supposed to use his old car to drive the bride to the wedding. But when there is a loud bang outside the Police Station and Archie's old car breaks down, Edie and the Daisy Bus come to the rescue and get Katy to the wedding on time.

Release Date 13-03-2006
Duration 96 mins