Hamlet: Starring David Tennant (DVD)

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David Tennant stars as Hamlet in this Royal Shakespeare Company production, staged at the Novello Theatre in 2009. Patrick Stewart stars as Claudius.

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David Tennant stars as Hamlet and is joined by fellow cast members from the popular Royal Shakespeare Company production, including Patrick Stewart as Claudius. Tennant won a great deal of praise and accolades for his role in the Shakespeare play with The Guardian referring to the Scot as, "the greatest Hamlet of his generation."

The King of Denmark is dead and has been succeeded by his brother Claudius. Claudius has also married Gertrude, the widowed Queen. Hamlet, Gertrude's son, is already distressed by his father's death and the hasty remarriage and when his father's ghost appears to tell him that he had been murdered by Claudius, Hamlet vows revenge. To cover his intentions, he feigns madness. Polonius, the Lord Chamberlain, whose daughter Ophelia is all but betrothed to Hamlet, believes that his madness is caused by repressed love and sets a trap for them. Spied on by Polonius and Claudius, Hamlet encounters Ophelia and violently rejects her.

Release Date 04-01-2010
RatingPEGI 12
Region (DVD) 2 & 4
Contains 1 Disc

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