The Edible Garden

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Gardeners' World's thrifty and resourceful Alys Fowler takes one step closer to self-sufficiency, growing her own in her small, suburban backgarden.

A tie-in to a 6 x 30 minute BBC2 series, Alys's Back garden Fruit and Veg. Gardeners’ World presenter Alys Fowler takes up the challenge to prepare at least one meal a day using only home-grown produce.

However, rather than taking up an allotment, Alys will be serving up feasts with ingredients grown in her small suburban backgarden. And there'll be no sign of traditional, regimented rows in raised beds, compromising the beauty of her cherished outside space. Alys has a wonderful new approach to growing fruit and veg: she’ll transform her garden into an area where tomatoes sit happily next to roses, carrots are woven between the lavenders and potatoes share space with the hedge. The hearty dishes she serves up will show that nobody will be going hungry on her avant-garde grow-your-own regime, and she’ll meet experts who will teach her how to preserve, pickle and store her wares, too.

Young, chic and urban, Alys is at the forefront of this revolutionary new style of gardening. She is marrying the delights of growing your own, and the sheer joy a beautiful flower garden, all in a small space, and is on a mission to demonstrate how anybody can do it. Good for the pocket, good for the environment and hugely rewarding, Alys’s modish edible landscaping will inspire a new generation of urbanites to get digging.

Release Date 11-03-2010
Author Alys Fowler
No pages (Books) 256 pages
Cover (Annual, Hard or Paperback) HARDBACK