Tree Fu Tom - Tree Fu Go! (DVD)

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Tree Fu Tom: Tree Fu Go!

Tree Fu Tom follows the amazing adventures of a little boy called Tom on his visits to the enchanted kingdom of Treetopolis. In this magical world, movement creates "big world magic" which is made more powerful if the audience join in and follow the moves.
Tree Fu Tom is designed to help children develop their movement skills and can help children with Dyspraxia.
Tree Fu Tom: Tree Fu Go contains 7 great episodes:
May the best berry win
Squizzle quest
Zigzoo the zero
So long greenhorns
Hide and squeak
Wishful Thinking
Zigzoo's robot

Tree Fu Tom is suitable for both pre-school and school age children and covers the learning areas of feeling good, physical development, communications and maths. Plus it's splendid fun, with catchy tunes, vibrant movement and involving story lines. Your child will want to join Tom, Twigs, Squirmtum, Ariela, Zigzoo and the gang time and time again.

Release Date 22-10-2012
Contains 1 Disc