Burnistoun Series 2 (DVD)

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Get ready to relive your glory days* with Burnistoun Series 2! The perfect night’s viewing for you and the unnameable thing that lives in your basement. Even if you haven’t done anything since the last time we saw you, not even one thing, we’re happy to welcome you back to Scotland’s favourite city. Are you ready to get real with Jolly Boy John? Have you brought good cutlery for some spoon-fighting? Can you work out whose shoes they are? This DVD is your ticket to the big city. No knocking it, mind, or we’ll be sending some quality polis to your door to get you peppered a belter.


EXTRAS: Cast Interviews, Original BBC Radio Scotland Pilot

Release Date 03-09-2012
Region (DVD) 2 & 4
Contains 1 Disc
Subtitles English for Hard of Hearing
Duration 173 mins approx