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Dad's Army: The Complete Series 1 And The Lost Episodes Of Series 2 (DVD)


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Release date: 13/09/2004


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1940. Britain is on the alert for an imminent Nazi invasion. With full-time troops occupied overseas, the coastal defenses are left to a handful of veteran soldiers-The Home Guard. And in Walmington- on-Sea, one inept, feeble and inadequately-armed platoon is very keen to do its bit.
Led by the self-appointed Captain Mainwaring (a bank manager nicknamed Napoleon), the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard are a casual, disruptive troop. His second-in-command, Sergeant Wilson, has the breeding Mainwaring lacks but is largely ineffectual. And Corporal Jones, the local butcher and a veteran of the Boer War, tempers his eagerness with an infallible ability to completely mess-up anything he is asked to do. Outstanding among the rest of the platoon are Private Walker, a black marketeer who can lay his hands on anything - for a price; mummy's boy, Private Pike; Private Frazer, a cynical Scottish undertaker who always foresees trouble (and is usually right); and the oldest of them all, the near-incontinent Private Godfrey. With Mainwaring's irritating pomposity, and the platoon's total incompetence, life in the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard is more chaotic than most.

Contains the six episodes from series one:

The Man And The Hour, Museum Piece, Command Decision, The Enemy Within The Gates, The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones, Shooting Pains.

and the three surviving episodes of Series 2:

Operation Kilt, The Battle Of Godfrey's Cottage, Sergeant Wilson's Little Secret

Extras include: Documentary: Missing Presumed Wiped

1940. Britain is on the alert for an imminent Nazi invasion

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