How Not To Live Your Life: Series 1 – 3 and Christmas Special (DVD)

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Includes all three series and the Christmas Special
Meet Don Danbury, a man with bad luck and even worse instincts. Somehow, in every situation life throws up, Don seems guaranteed to take the most inappropriate option. That’s how he’s ended up wearing his dead gran’s dressing gown, sharing a house with an over-attentive care-worker and an eccentric, potty-mouthed OAP and lusting after his hand-picked, attractive but unattainable, lodger.

Whether Don’s trying to get laid, get a job or win the girl, we’re about to discover just what not to do…

Making Of, Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Pilot Comparison, Dan Clark’s Guide to Dating, Dan Clark’s Guide to Working, Leila-Cam, Cast Interviews, How Not To Shoot a Third Series, Audio Commentaries

Release Date 01-10-2012
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 7 Discs
Subtitles English for Hard of Hearing
Duration 9 Hours 50 Mins

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