I'm Sorry I Havent a Clue: The Best of Forty Years (Hardback)

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Iím Sorry I Haven't a Clue: The Best of Forty Years

"I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue"is the most listened to comedy programme on British radio. It regulary attracts a large audience. The format of the game is very simple: four players -- Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke Taylor, Barry Cryer and a guest are given silly things to do by the Chairman Jack Dee, with Colin Sell setting some of them to music.

"I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" continues to enjoy a long and successful run on BBC Radio 4. With the 40th anniversary in the fall of 2012, the world of "Clue" continues to expand and evolve, constantly creating new games and welcoming a new generation of "Clue" players, attracting new fans along the way.

Release Date 04-10-2012
No pages (Books) 288
Cover (Annual, Hard or Paperback) Hardback

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