Jam & Jerusalem: Series 3 (DVD)

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Written by Jennifer Saunders and starring some of the best-loved names in comedy, Jam & Jerusalem takes an affectionate look at village life and the empathy and togetherness found in a local community where everyone knows everyone's business. In this series Sal Vine continues to build her new life, after the death of her husband. Her daughter has moved out, but only as far as the old van that is parked next to the house. Even more vexing, the barn at the back of Sal's house is being developed. Jock the builder upsets Sal and half the town, until the ladies of the Women's Guild put two and two together and presume that the barn is being developed for a famous actor to live in!!!

Release Date 23-08-2010
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 1 Disc

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