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Open All Hours: Series 3 (DVD)


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Release date: 04/10/2004


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Sitcom series with stuttering corner shop owner Arkwright (Ronnie Barker), hapless assistant Granville (David Jason) & love of Arkwright's life Nurse Gladys Emmanuel.

An Errand Boy By The Ear - Arkwright decides that Granville needs to improve his sales technique.

The Ginger Men - Arkwright improves the sale of an overstocked commodity with spell- binding efficiency while Granville's lust for power falls flat on the floor.

Duet For Solo Bicycle - The shop bike requires some maintenance & Granville's love life suffers as a consequence.

How To Ignite Your Errand Boy - Arkwright decides hs profit margin would be increased if he could sell a product of his own making.

"The Man From Down Under" - An old admirer of Nurse Gladys returns,much to Arkwright's dismay.

The Cool Cocoa Tin Lid - Arkwright decides that advertising will increase corner shop commerce but Granville prefers discarding his pinny.

Sitcom series with stuttering corner shop owner Arkwright and hapless assistant Granville

Ronnie Barker, David Jason, Arkwright, Granville, classic comedy, sitcom, corner shop

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