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Outnumbered: Series 3 (DVD)


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Release date: 15/11/2010


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Conspiracy theories, sex education, psychotherapy, colonoscopies, astrology and kangaroo saliva. These are just a handful of the obstacles that the Brockman family must negotiate in the third series of the multi-award winning comedy Outnumbered.

In this new series Karen busies herself recreating Britainís Got Talent and introduces her family to the wonderful world of superstition, Ben tackles the school chess league in his own ineffable style and mum worries that Jakeís healthy interest in the girl-next-door is turning unhealthy.

Meanwhile, Dad is grumbling about an ailment that much to the childrenís amusement, may require some invasive investigation. To make things even more uncomfortable, Gran has come to stay and made the family a generous offer that may be difficult to refuse. And there are rocky waters ahead after Pete makes a very foolish mistake.

the third series of the multi-award winning comedy Outnumbered

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