Psychoville Halloween Special (Blu-Ray)

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Psychoville returns with a spooktacular hour-long Halloween special. Four tales of terror unfold as location manager Phil Walker investigates the abandoned ruins of Ravenhill Psychiatric hospital.

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“Electric shocks and dead babies abound in a classy treat that has plenty of tricks up its sleeve…. gets the balance between horror and comedy pretty much spot on” Metro

It's Halloween and the spirits are gathering at Ravenhill Psychiatric Hospital where TV researcher Phil from “Dale’s Overnight Ghost Hunts” is about to have a night he will never forget... assuming he lives that long. He is accompanied by Drew, an amateur ghost hunter. The pair take it in turns to tell scary stories as they wander the dark corridors... but the line between fact and fiction is very blurred, and as the pair finish their tour of Ravenhill, a spectral figure flickers past. Is it a ghost? Or something more? This is a unmissable Special for Psychoville fans and indeed anyone who loves a great fright. All threads from Series One are stitched up offering a firm invitation to the spectacular Series Two, where a new mystery is unleashed.

DVD Extras
Audio Commentary with Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, Mr. Jelly’s Halloween, Interview With Matt Lipsey, On Location With Phil Walker, Cursed Trailer

Release Date 10-10-2011
Subtitles English for the Hard of Hearing
Cast List Reece Sheersmith, Steve Pemberton, Dawn French

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