Red Dwarf: Series 2 (DVD)

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All the episodes from the second series of Red Dwarf, the cult BBC sci-fi comedy.

Kryten - When the Dwarfers receive an SOS distress call from the crashed Nova 5, and discover the only survivors are a service mechanoid and three stunningly attractive female officers, Lister throws on his least smeggy outfit, the t- shirt with only two curry stains on it, and Rimmer dons an Admiral outfit, and they head for the crashed ship, little suspecting the true nature of the ''crew''.

Better Than Life - The Dwarfers plug themselves into 'Better Than Life' the total immersion video game in which everybody's dreams come true.

Thanks For The Memory - Rimmer is convinced aliens have visited the ship. Four days have gone missing from Holly's data banks and Lister and the Cat both have broken legs but most bizarre of all someone has completed Listers jigsaw.

Stasis Leak - The crew of Red Dwarf discover a stasis leak, which leads them back three million years into the past to the original Dwarf. Lister determines to find Kochanski while Rimmer tries to save his original self from his death in the future.

Queeg - After a series of disasters Queeg 500, the Red Dwarf back up computer, replaces Holly. Finally Holly is forced to confront Queeg in a dual to the death for the control of the ship.

Parallel Universe - Holly invents the Holly hop drive, a machine capable of returning the crew to Earth. At first the crew are sceptical especially when they see the device is basically just a large box with stop start buttons. Then suddenly they are hurled into a Parallel Universe where they meet their female counterparts

DVD Extras: Cast commentary. Deleted scenes. Smeg Ups. Original trailer. 'Red Dwarf A-Z' documentary. Doug Naylor interview. 'Alternate Personalities' featurette. 'Tongue Tied' - uncut. Special effects raw footage. Isolated music cues. Talking book chapters. Photo gallery.

Release Date 10-02-2003
RatingPEGI 12
Region (DVD) 2 & 4
Duration 180 mins

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