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Burnistoun: Series 1 (DVD)


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Release date: 04/04/2011


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Welcome to sunny Burnistoun! This fine Scottish city is not anywhere near as bad as anyone makes it out to be! Here you can say ĎHello!í to Burnistoun punters like the Burnistoun Butcher, pop starlet Kelly McGlade and Burnistounís favourite son, Biscuity Boyle! Why not buy some sweets from those charming ice cream van boys, Paul and Walter? And then pay respects to their dead mother. Try some freshly baked rolls from our many newsagents. Discuss buffet etiquette with Peter and Scott. Stop at the traffic lights on the Dekebone roundabout! And travel up and down in one of Burnistounís amazing working voice-activated lifts! Come to Burnistoun! Bring the whole family!
BURNISTOUN! Itís the best Scotland has to offer! Yaaaaaaasss!*
*Promotional message sponsored by Alex Ciderson.

EXTRAS: The Pilot Show, Connell & Florence: Portrait of the Writer (Silent Film)
Bonus sketches: Barry Stokesí Wee Gold Pumps (extended version), Burnistounís Got Talent (uncensored)

Burnistoun is set in a fictional Scottish town. it's not anywhere near as bad as anyone makes it out to be!

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