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Doctor Who: The Monster Collection: Silurians (DVD)


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Release date: 30/09/2013


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Take a trip through time and space to meet creatures and enemies that always came back for more…

Doctor Who – The Monster Collection: Silurians contains two exciting stories!

The Silurians lived on Earth millions of years before humans. This reptile race was forced to hibernate and lay undiscovered for years until they eventually started to wake up… Doctor Who and the Silurians is a seven-part adventure from Jon Pertwee’s first season as the Third Doctor in 1970. It introduced the Silurians to the series for the first time. The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood saw the return of the Silurians to Doctor Who in 2010. With an updated look, here they fight the Eleventh Doctor, played by Matt Smith.

Doctor Who: The Monster Collection: Silurians DVD. Order today with free delivery.

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