Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet (DVD)

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Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet DVD. William Hartnell stars in this classic Cyberman story set in the distant future of 1986!

Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet (DVD)

The TARDIS arrives in December 1986 at a South Pole Space Tracking station where the personnel, under the command of General Cutler, are engaged in trying to talk down a manned space capsule that has got into difficulty. The base is invaded by a force of alien Cybermen. The Cybermen's world, Mondas, is draining energy from Earth - once its 'twin planet' - and the situation will soon become critical.

Release Date 14-10-2013
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 1 Disc
Director Derek Martinus
Subtitles English for Hard of Hearing
Duration 93 Mins

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