Doctor Who: The Web of Fear (DVD)

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Doctor Who: Web of Fear, a classic Doctor Who adventure, marvelously restored - it was lost, now it is found.

The second serial in the infamous "missing episodes", recovered from far flung TV out-posts and lovingly remastered and pressed to disc for you to collect and keep, Web of Fear sees the second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) meet Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, who goes on to be known as the Brigadier, for the first time.

Featuring robot Yeti, London Underground, The Great Intelligence and of course companions Jamie (Frazer Hines) and Victoria (Deborah Watling), this recovered story arc was deemed so scary that it was preceded by the following message, delivered by the Doctor sitting in one of the London Underground sets and saying:

‘Thank goodness… Oh, it's you... I thought for one moment it was... I'll just sit down for a minute.
I'm glad I met you as a matter of fact; there's something I want to tell you.
'When we start out on our next adventure – Jamie, Victoria and I – we meet some old friends.
Yes, and we also meet some old enemies. Very old enemies.
The Yeti as a matter of fact. Only this time they're just a little bit more frightening than last time.
So I'll warn you that if your Mummy or Daddy are scared, you just get them to hold your hand.
[sound of gunfire]
'Here we go again. I've got to go. See you soon – I hope!'

So you have been warned - sofas may be required for hiding behind and hands may get a little squeezed. Secure your copy of this lost classic today.

Please note, due to issues around broadcasting and licensing agreements, this title is not available to buy from BBC Shop in Australia or New Zealand.

Release Date 24-02-2014
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 1 Disc
Subtitles English for Hard of Hearing
Duration 146 Mins

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