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Endeavour: Pilot & Series 1 (DVD)


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Release date: 30/09/2013


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Shaun Evans plays the iconic detective created by Colin Dexter and immortalised by John Thaw, while Roger Allam is his benign superior DI Fred Thursday. The whole series has been devised and written by Russell Lewis, who wrote many classic instalments of Inspector Morse and its spin-off Lewis. While introducing key characters from the Morse mythos--including uniformed copper Strange, later to become Morse’s chief superintendent--the series also delves into uncharted territory, including Morse’s family, and the romantic mysteries of his youth.

This DVD features the pilot episode, together with all four episodes from Series 1 of this hit ITV series.

Endeavour: Pilot & Series 1. Shaun Evans plays Endeavour Morse, applying his cerebral to gripping murder mysteries set in 1960's Oxford.

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