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Mistresses: Series 1-3 Boxset (DVD)


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Release date: 06/09/2010


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Series 1
Becoming a mistress isn't something than most women set out to do, it just seems to happen. Mistresses follows the fortunes of a group of thirtysomethings who have been friends since university: Katie has become a doctor and has been secretly seeing a patient. Her best friend—Trudie—grieves the loss of her husband who died in 9/11. Then there's Jessica who is constantly the focus of the group's gossip, and the seemingly happily married Siobhan. Mistresses is an epic tale of modern love and drama at its best.

Series 2
The second series includes the usual four key men - Patrick Baladi, Raza Jaffrey, Adam Rayner and Max Brown and also seven new supporting actors including Oliver Milburn, Mark Umbers, Sean Francis, Steven Brand and Thomas Lockyer.

Series 3
The sexy, sophisticated drama Mistresses is back for a final series where you'll see love, betrayal, loss, forgiveness and, most of all, the enduring power of female friendship. Since the last series things have changed as Katie, Trudi, Siobhan and Jessica are no longer friends... Katie calls the girls together having not seen each other for months. But what could have caused these friends to split? As Trudi, Siobhan and Jessica join Katie, the drama moves back to five months earlier to reveal what happened. Back in the present, when one of the girls reveals a secret she has been hiding for the past year, will they see that they're all better off with, than without each other?

Mistresses follows the fortunes of a group of thirtysomethings who have been friends since university.

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