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Robin Hood: Complete Series 1 Boxset (Blu-Ray)

Robin Hood: Complete Series 1 Boxset (Blu-Ray)

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Release date: 12/11/2007


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Starring: Sam Troughton, William Beck, Anjali Jay, Joe Armstrong, Jonas Armstrong, Harry Lloyd, Gordon Kennedy, Lucy Griffiths, Keith Allen, Richard Armitage.

All 13 episodes of the BBC series starring Jonas Armstrong in the titular role. Robin of Locksley (Armstrong) returns home from defending King and country in the Holy Land, to find a corrupt and changed Nottingham. The ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham (Keith Allen) is now in charge, crippling the poor with greedy taxes and severely punishing them for stealing even a loaf of bread. The ever-gallant Robin and his faithful, if slightly unenthusiastic, manservant Much (Sam Troughton) are determined to fight for the good of these hapless people. Aided by a gang of talented outlaws including Will Scarlett (Harry Lloyd), the ingenious engineer who can construct anything from any material, just as long as it's wood, Little John (Gordon Kennedy), the man-mountain who can destroy all in his path, but is afraid of a trickling stream, and Djaq (Anjali Jay), master of trickery and disguise. As each episode unites the gang against the Sheriff and his dastardly deeds, will they succeed in thwarting injustice to relieve the poverty and hunger of the good people of Locksley?

All 13 episodes of the BBC series starring Jonas Armstrong

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