Strike Back: Shadow Warfare (DVD)

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The Emmy-nominated series STRIKE BACK returns for a fourth series with a ten-episode run, traversing the globe from Colombia to Lebanon and Russia.

Strike Back: Shadow Warfare sees S20 pit against al-Zuhari: an Iranian terrorist bent on perpetrating violence on European and American soil to deter the West’s involvement in Iranian-infl uenced countries. On the world’s most wanted list for decades, al-Zuhari’s very name commands respect from those who play a part in his global network. Meanwhile, S20 has a new commanding offi cer - Lieutenant Colonel Philip Locke. Whilst he inspires unquestioning loyalty in his men in their pursuit of al-Zuhari, numerous personal and professional differences force Stonebridge and Scott to question their future within the unit.

During a mission to capture a key member of the terrorist unit led by al-Zuhari, the boys unwittingly kill the son of powerful Russian mobster Arkady Ulyanov. His bloodlust makes Scott and Stonebridge a direct target for revenge - both in and out of the fi eld. In a race to prevent a global threat, Scott and Stonebridge wonder how long they can survive before their nemesis fi nds them…

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Release Date 06-01-2014
RatingPEGI 18
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 3 Discs
Subtitles English for Hard of Hearing
Duration 420 Mins

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