Vera Brittain's: Testament Of Youth (DVD)

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Vera Brittain makes a life changing choice at the outbreak of the First World War and leaves her studies in Oxford to become a nurse at the Front. Cheryl Campbell (Call the Midwife, Chariots of Fire) stars in this dramatic autobiography.

Cheryl Campbell stars in this enriching and award-winning adaptation of Vera Brittain's autobiography, set between 1913 and 1925.

At the outbreak of the First World War, a young Vera finds herself torn between her studies at Oxford, and the decision she will take to enrol as a volunteer nurse, caring for casualties from the Front. Little does she realise that the faces passing before her will include those closest to her.

Devastating in its portrayal of the impact of war on a whole generation, Testament of Youth is a passionate, powerful and personal record Vera Brittain's experiences during the First World War and serves as a moving memorial to a lost generation.

Extras: Vera Brittain biography
Cast filmographies
Picture gallery

Release Date 10-05-2010
Region (DVD) 2
Duration 225 mins

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