Waterloo Road Series 7 - Autumn Term (DVD)

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Waterloo Road Series Seven - Autumn Term

Waterloo Road Series Seven - Autumn Term The school year starts with a bang when the new site manager, Rob Scotcher spends his first morning dealing with a break in. When he goes on to find a baby abandoned in the changing rooms it is up to Head Teacher Karen Fisher to find the mother and determine the reasons behind her decision.

Challenges facing the fraught head don’t end there. As the school adapts to two new members of teaching staff, the teachers have to help the pupils deal with gender issues, bullying, cancer, backstabbing and plenty more besides.

It doesn’t take long for both Rob and his son, Aiden, to make an impact on the females at Waterloo Road. However, with their past hanging over them, they need to deal with their own demons if they’re to prevent history repeating itself.

Making a breakthrough, Chris Mead takes it upon himself to help a new, troubled pupil. As he becomes too emotionally involved and oversteps the line, it is not just his job that he endangers.

When Director of Education, Richard Whitman is invited to the grand opening of the community café, it soon becomes apparent he has an ulterior motive and this is not just an innocent visit. Recruiting a spy at the school he gathers information which he is not afraid to use in his quest to discredit Waterloo Road. When threatened with closure will the school have the strength of spirit to pull together and fight back?

In one of the tensest, most exciting terms at Waterloo Road yet seen, these mixed messages and more lead to dangerous, illegal and possibly even deadly conclusions.

Special Features: Social Networking Snaps, Subtitles

Release Date 01-09-2011
RatingPEGI 12
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 3 Disks
Subtitles English for Hard of Hearing
Duration 496 mins

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