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Waterloo Road - Series Seven Summer Term (DVD)


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Release date: 10/09/2012


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Head Teacher Michael Byrne is recovering from the hit-and-run that he cannot remember - but when the guilty party surfaces, he finds himself one teacher short. A ‘teach-off’ between two very different teachers results in an unexpected new Head of English, a woman who will face some particularly rough lessons of her own.

Gang culture has invaded Waterloo Road, with Kyle’s Dale Sken Crew joined by an uncertain Tariq, going head-to-head with the Murray Set Boyz joined by a lost and confused Finn.
Yet the school with heart finds matters of the heart a constant source of upheaval as Grantly loses his wife to Alzheimers but finds that life may hold other opportunities; Janeece meets the man of her dreams in a whirlwind romance that will change her life; and even young Scout finds herself caught up in a love affair that may be more – or less – than it seems.

With all this love in the air, it’s sad to see that the local education department has fallen very out of love with Waterloo Road, which teeters on the brink of closure. But with prom night coming, and Kyle on the loose with a crossbow, there may have to be more than one guardian angel at work to save a life, and save the day.

Special Features: Social Networking Snaps, Subtitles

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