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Victorian Kitchen/ Flower/ Kitchen Garden Boxed Set (DVD)

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This special boxed set includes the three double DVDs The Victorian Kitchen Garden, The Victorian Flower Garden and The Victorian Kitchen.

Features three series. Victorian Kitchen Garden - First shown on BBC2 this wonderful series goes behind the high redbrick walls of Chilton Foliat in Berkshire, where Harry Dodson carefully recreates a traditional Victorian kitchen garden. Using traditional tools Harry painstakingly transformed the weed-choked ground into a gardener's and cook's delight solving many horticultural mysteries along the way and showing how gardeners dealt with pests and how they grew exotic fruits and vegetables for the household all year round. Victorian Flower Garden - Harry Dodson re-creates a piece of horticultural history to demonstrate how simple and exotic flowers were cultivated for the lady of the house.

Victorian Kitchen - Most Victorian meals came from the garden and some of the food was very elaborate and creative. Wonderful breakfasts, sumptuous afternoon teas and picnics and spectacular dinner parties were par for the day. This excellent programme reveals how food was enjoyed over 100 years ago.

Release Date 09-09-2006
Region (DVD) 2
Duration 786 mins