Andrew Marr's Box of Britain (DVD)

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Andrew Marr's Box of Britain DVD draws together all four of Andrew Marr's award winning BBC modern history series on Great Britain.

For the first time, all four fantastic series from the celebrated British journalist and political commentator, Andrew Marr, come together on DVD. The wonderfully insightful Andrew Marr's Box of Britain contains the award-winning BBC modern history series written and presented by Andrew Marr, History of Modern Britain and The Making of Modern Britain.

It also features his epic journey to tell the story of Britain as we rarely see her – from above. Combining stunning aerial photography with fascinating social and cultural analysis, Britain from Above investigates how modern Britain works and is monitored from the skies. And finally, Andrew Marr’s fascinating documentary series, Darwin's Dangerous idea, tells of the impact of this revolutionary idea and how it came to challenge so many aspects of society.

Contains some black and white footage. Due to the archive nature of footage, sound and picture quality may vary. For contractual reasons certain edits have been made.

Includes the following titles:
History of Modern Britain
The Making of Modern Britain
Britain from Above
Darwin's Dangerous idea

Release Date 01-11-2010
RatingPEGI 12
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 7 discs

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