Hello Again: Nine Decades of Radio Voices (Paperback)

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A history of radio in Britain by the author of And Now on Radio 4

A history of radio in Britain by the author of And Now on Radio 4

Itís now ninety years since the BBC made its first broadcast and the British love affair with radio began.

This book is a journey through that fascinating history and a celebration of the many wonderful voices that were part of it: Marion Cran, who pioneered the first gardening programme in the 1920s; The Goons and Kenneth Horne, comedy greats of the 1950s; John Peel, Alan Freeman, Kenny Everett and other heroes of the pirate stations; all the way up to Eddie Mair, Fi Glover and Danny Baker, the much-loved voices of today.

A delightful blend of insight, history and nostalgia, Hello Again will appeal to any radio aficionado.

SIMON ELMES is Creative Director of the BBC's Radio Documentary Unit, where he oversees a wide range of programmes. He was Executive Producer of the long-running magazine Word of Mouth, from its inception until 2004. In 1996 it was awarded one of the world's premier broadcasting prizes, the Premio Ondas. He produced the award-winning The Routes of English, a 26-part series on the history of the English language, and has written four books to accompany the series. He also produced the 2005 radio and TV project Voices.

Release Date 06-06-2013
Author Simon Elmes
No pages (Books) 384
Cover (Annual, Hard or Paperback) Hardback

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