Radio 4's History of a Private Life

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The secrets of private life in Britain over 400 years

The intimate secrets of private life over the last 400 years from Tudor mansion to modern bedsit. Here we have men behaving badly, adultery on the sofa, servants running amok, witches, poltergeists, burglars, bashful bachelors, glamorous widows, bedbugs, pots and pans. This is original research embellished with readings from letters, diaries and court records as well as recreations of previously unrecorded songs. The result is a vivid picture of home life from the 16th - 20th centuries.

The six weekly topics : A Private Space, Running the Home, Visitors at Home, Those without Homes, Showing off, Escaping the Home.

Presented by award-winning historian Professor Amanda Vickery.

'very essence of good radio' The Daily Telegraph, Gillian Reynolds.

Release Date 05-08-2010

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