The Nativity (DVD)

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This is one of the most famous stories in human history – re told by Tony Jordan in a compelling way but on a very human scale. It is the story of the birth of Jesus - retold.

A brand new adaptation of the greatest story ever told – the birth of Jesus Christ…

Mary counts her blessings when her parents arrange to marry her to a local carpenter, Joseph. He has a good heart, but when she falls mysteriously pregnant, he can’t accept her explanation. He must, however, set aside his anger, to save her life – by allowing her to travel with him to a faraway town… Bethlehem.

The tyranny of Herod, search of the Magi, and the Earthly troubles of the lowly shepherds are all explored in this visually stunning film. It renders beautifully a classic tale and reveals that behind the traditional, there is a universal and very human story. A story of two people: a young, scared girl with a momentous role in history and the kind man who loves her. This unique take on the story of the Nativity explores the troubled times of turn–of–the–millennium Judea, bringing legend to vibrant life.

Release Date 28-11-2011
Region (DVD) 2 & 4
Contains 1 disc
Subtitles English for the Hard of Hearing
Duration 111 mins approx

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