Who Do You Think You Are? USA: Series 2 (DVD)

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Second series of the US version of the hit BBC Series. Featured stars are Vanessa Williams, Tim McGraw, Rosie O Donnell, Lionel Richie, Steve Buscemi, Gwyneth Paltrow And Ashley Judd

Who Do You Think You Are? USA – Series 2 Steve Buscemi, Ashley Judd, Tim McGraw, Rosie O’Donnell, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lionel Richie, Vanessa Williams.

Who Do You Think You Are? USA follows the journeys of seven well known US personalities as they explore their family trees, uncover their family history and discover surprising and enlightening facts about their heritage that until now have been lost in time.

Steve Buscemi uncovers family history that reveals a new and not-so-distant relative; Ashley Judd, a self-described Hillbilly Sicilian Rabble-Rouser adds Mayflower to her list; Tim McGraw finds links to George Washington and the King of Rock and Roll; Rosie O’Donnell takes a journey back in time to a workhouse in Ireland; Gwyneth Paltrow finds a love that extends through generations and a Rabbinical heritage; Lionel Richie discovers the meaning of the Knights of Wise Men; and Vanessa Williams finds that education and freedom fighting go hand in hand.

This relatively recent nation fosters a rich and extraordinary gathering of stories with all sharing a common bond in the beating heart of America.

Special Features: Subtitles

Release Date 20-02-2012
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 2
Subtitles English for Hard of Hearing
Duration 252 mins

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