Wallander Series 1-3 (DVD)

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Kenneth Brannagh returns as Inspector Wallander in detective dramas based on the best-selling novels in which the eponymous hero fights an ever-increasing tide of crime

Wallander Series 1-3 (DVD)
Join Detective Kurt Wallander as he explores the dark underbelly of a seemingly innocuous Swedish town while trying to find peace in his increasingly tortured personal life.

World weary cop Wallander hopes for a fresh start in the seemingly peaceful town of Ystad nestled in the countryside of Southern Sweden. Alas, the discovery of a young woman's remains in his garden sees Wallander struggling against a rising tide of crime, angst and violence that threatens to engulf his life.

In a role that has seen him garner award after award, Kenneth Branagh plays the dogged Swedish cop in a series renowned for its complex, plot-driven mysteries and its three-dimensional characters.

Did You Know?
• What award hasn't this series won? With a multitude of BAFTAs including Best Drama Series, Best Actor and more, Wallander has bewitched judges the world over, even garnering Emmy and Golden Globe nominations.
• The BBC series is based on the books of Henning Mankell, a Swedish author who is something of a legend in his home country. His first Wallander book, Faceless Killers, was released in Sweden in 1991 and he went on to write ten more books in the series before bringing the detective's story to an end in The Troubled Man.
• His Wallander books have sold over 40 million and have been translated into 45 different languages.
• As well as Branagh's English-language version, there were also two series of Wallander films produced for the Swedish market; each made up 13 films.

What's In The Box?
• Six discs featuring nine 90-minute films from all three series:



One Step Behind

Faceless Killers

The Man Who Smiled

The Fifth Woman

An Event in Autumn

The Dogs of Riga

Before the Frost

Extras include features Who Is Kurt Wallander?, Branagh’s Wallander, The Wallander Look, Wallander Country, Being Kurt Wallander and an interview with Kenneth Branagh and Henning Mankell.

What The Critics Say
“The best detective of this new century is undoubtedly Wallander… Kenneth Branagh’s performance is close to perfect”
The Sunday Times

“Wallander is decidedly eerie... It feels different”
Daily Telegraph

Release Date 23-07-2012
Region (DVD) 2 & 4
Contains 6 Discs
Subtitles English for Hard of Hearing
Duration 810 mins

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