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I'm Alan Partridge: Series 2 (DVD)


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Release date: 10/11/2003


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Starring: Steve Coogan.

Directed by: Armando Iannucci.

After a couple of years of being clinically fed-up, Alan Partridge has bounced back. He's got the third best slot on Radio Norwich, a military-based quiz on cable TV called Skirmish, a 33 year-old girlfriend called Sonja, an autobiography ('Bouncing Back') and is only living in the partakabin until his new house is finished.

Episode titles: The Talented Mr Alan, The Color of Alan, Brave Alan, Never Say Alan Again, I Know What Alan Did Last Summer, Alan Wide Shut.

DVD Extras: 'Anglian Lives' documentary with Alan. 'Unused Alan' deleted scenes. Cast and production commentary. 'Add On Alan' 10 minutes additional material. 'Alan Aid' highlights from the 1991 and 2001 Comic Relief shows. 'Audio Alan' jingles gallery. 'Still Alan' photo gallery.

After a couple of years of being clinically fed-up, Alan has bounced back

Steve Coogan, DJ, Radio Norwich, comedy

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