Mike the Knight with Galahad Deluxe Figure Set

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Assortment of Mike the Knight deluxe models with articulated features. One supplied.

Mike the Knight with Galahad Deluxe Figure set

Set includes Mike the Knight and Galahad figure with articulated features.

Mike the Knight is an energetic, resourceful and cheeky little knight-in-training who lives to help others. In this fun toy set, he is joined by Galahad, his horse-in-training, Mike's reliable and ever so brave equine companion.
Whilst his father, the king of Glendragon, the enchanting medieval country that Mike and his friends live in, is away exploring new lands, Queen Martha has put Mike in charge of keeping the Kingdom safe.
Aided by his Big Book for small knights and his best friends: Sparkie and Squirt the friendly dragons and Galahad, his trusty steed, Mike the Knight embarks on many exciting missions that help him learn new life skills as he goes.
Never far from the action is Evie, Mike’s fun loving sister who is a trainee wizard.
Join in the chivalry and fun with this highly detailed play set and as Mike would say “Be a knight, do it right!”

We say: Mike the Knight and his chums are fantastic fun and have some solid educational values too:

  • Helps children to familiarise themselves with the concept of responsibility
  • Highlights the importance of teamwork
  • Encourages tenacity - Mike tries hard to "do it right" even if at first he doesn't succeed
  • Promotes the concept of self improvement - Mike wants to be the best knight he can be
  • Highlights the importance of friendship, consideration and loyalty
  • These great little toys are a brilliant addition to any toy chest as they stimulate imaginative play

Release Date 08-06-2012