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Top Gear: My Dad Had One of Those

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A trip up memory drive in the familiar cars your Dad knew and loved...

Good old Dad and his good old Dads car. As solid and dependable as the man himself, if a little less balding, Dads car was almost a member of the family, whisking you to exciting days out, or just to visit boring relatives in distant parts of the country to the chant of are we nearly there yet? Like the man behind the wheel, Dads car made you feel safe and secure, because it was as reassuring and sensible as he was. Maybe in an idle moment Dad dreamt of driving something rakish and fast, just like in idle moments he dreamt that your Mum was Twiggy, but the demands of family life meant soft tops, hard suspension and anything even remotely sporty were off the cards. Even anything less than four doors would have been wildly hedonistic. But although the family car may not have been the very essence of rock n roll, Dad was proud of it.

Spanning the 1950s to the 80s, this is a celebration of the heyday of the Dad car. From much loved family workhorses like the Ford Cortina and Vauxhall Viva to the rakish excitement and playground kudos of the Rover 3500 and Citroen CX, all the great Dad cars are here. Reflecting a time before people carriers and lifestyle off roaders, when the nearest thing to an airbag was hiding behind your fat brother, this is a celebration of simple, honest cars that were as flawed and as loveable as your Dad himself.

Release Date 17-05-2007
Author Giles Chapman

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