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Doctor Who: The Visitation (DVD)

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The Doctor attempts to take Tegan back to Heathrow Airport but the Tardis arrives in the 17th century instead of the 20th

Starring: John Baker, Peter Davison, Anthony Calf

Directed by: Peter Moffatt

The Doctor attempts to take Tegan back to Heathrow Airport but the TARDIS arrives in the 17th Century instead of the 20th. The time travellers discover that a space capsule has crash-landed nearby and that its alien occupants, three Terileptil prison escapees, intend to wipe out all indigenous life on Earth by releasing rats infected with an enhanced strain of the great plague. The creatures are also using a sophisticated android to strike terror into the local villagers. Aided by itinerant thespian Richard Mace, the Doctor tracks the Terileptils to their base in Pudding Lane, London. The creatures are ultimately destroyed when a fire breaks out and the Terileptil leader's weapon explodes - also setting off the Great Fire of London.

Extras include: 4 x 25 minute colour episodes with mono audio. Commentary - stereo. Music-Only option - mono Film Trims (dur. 5' 32") - including extended / deleted scenes. Directing Who - Peter Moffatt (dur. 26' 13") - a featurette about the work of the director of this and several other Doctor Who stories. Writing a Final Visitation (dur. 12' 50") - an interview with the story's writer, Eric Saward. Scoring The Visitation (dur 16' 19") - Mark Ayres interviews composer Paddy Kingsland about his music for the story. Picture Gallery (dur. 5' 12") Easter Egg Production Notes.

Release Date 19-01-2004
Region (DVD) 2
Duration 100 mins

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