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The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1-5 Box Set (DVD)


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Release date: 06/02/2012


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Created by Russell T Davis and starring Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith

The Complete Sarah Jane Adventures Collection brings together all five series of the award-winning Doctor Who spin-off featuring Sarah Jane, the former companion of the Doctor and her teenage gang of alien investigators.

The Complete First Series:
When Maria Jackson – a seemingly ordinary girl – moves into Bannerman Road, nothing will ever be ordinary again.

The Complete Second Series:
Bannerman Road’s newest arrival is fourteen-year-old Rani Chandra, a wannabe journalist and like Sarah Jane, not the type to let a mystery go unsolved!

The Complete Third Series:
Includes a return of Sarah Jane Smith’s most fearsome enemy yet – the Judoon, as well as a visit from an old friend: the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant).

The Complete Fourth Series:
Sarah Jane is reunited with another of the Doctor's former companions, Jo Grant, and they're joined by the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), in an adventure featuring undertaker vultures and a trip to an alien planet.

The Fifth Series:
The bubbly Sky – the Starchild placed in Sarah Jane’s care by The Doctor – settles into Bannerman Road and discovers she has telekinetic powers.

All two-part episodes from the first to fifth series of the 'Doctor Who' spin-off, created by the award-winning writer, Russell T. Davies.

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