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Africa (Blu-Ray)


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Release date: 18/02/2013


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David Attenborough's Africa

An amazing new perspective on the landscapes and creatures of Africa's wildest places.

This is the world’s wildest continent as you’ve never seen it before – an intense sensory adventure from the Atlas Mountains, through the Savannah lands to the Cape of Good Hope and from the Roof of Africa and the Kalahari to where the dark rainforests of the Congo meet the Atlantic Ocean. Each episode shifting the focus onto a different region as it contrasts the epic power of the landscape with the dramatic struggles of individual creatures living there.

From hidden jungles and ice-blue glaciers to erupting volcanoes and lakes of poison, Africa explores an astonishing array of previously un-filmed locations and discovers bizarre new creatures and behaviours – including some of the rarest fish in the world, exploding insects and lizards that hunt on the backs of lions.

This landmark five-part series utilises the latest filming technology to reveal the surprising environments, extraordinary creatures and other fascinating secrets of an amazing continent.

Executive Producer: Michael Gunton
Series Producer: James Honeyborne

Important information: Episode 6 of Africa considered what the future holds for the continent including the challenges posed by climate change and rising temperatures. There is widespread acknowledgement within the scientific community that the climate of Africa has been changing as stated in the programme. However, the BBC has accepted the evidence for 3.5 degrees increase is disputable and the commentary should have reflected that. The BBC removed the line of commentary from the episode repeat. The BBC have ensured that all BBC Worldwide Channels and our international partners will show the reversioned episode of Africa. The download-to-own version has also been updated. Unfortunately, it was too late to amend the initial production run of DVD and Blu-ray box sets. However, the edit has been reflected in all further copies produced.

An amazing new perspective on the landscapes and creatures of Africa's wildest places.

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