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Frozen Planet (DVD)


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Frozen Planet (DVD)
Presented by the world's most respected naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, this epic documentary series explores the spectacular truth behind the Earth's polar regions.

Taking viewers on an exploration of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, Attenborough reveals two striking worlds that are teeming with wildlife despite the locales' subzero temperatures and brutal conditions. From polar bears and killer whales through to albatrosses, the glory of the poles is revealed through the latest in camera technology, taking the viewer high into the skies before plunging them down into the freezing depths beneath the ice caps.

An unforgettable viewing experience, the award-winning Frozen Planet shows us a world that is extraordinary, magical and increasingly under threat from man-made pollution.

Did You Know?
• The series won BAFTA TV Awards for Best Editing (Factual), Best Photography (Factual) and Best Sound (Factual) at the 2011 award ceremony
• The crew endured genuine hardship during the making of the series; the risk of flying in bad weather; being trapped for four days in a remote outpost being battered by 200mph winds; becoming so obsessed with not missing potentially vital shots that they began suffering from sleep deprivation, sometimes working in shifts that saw the crew going non-stop for 36 hours before sleeping for 12.
• Penguins can be a pain according to the show's makers – walking up to tents and tripping over the tent wires continually; male penguins making off with priceless camera lens to impress female penguins, and one particularly frisky fellow mistaking a production microphone for a mate...

What's In The Box?
• Seven episodes with a combined running time of 350 minutes
• Exclusive footage and extras including features on the scientific exploration of the South Pole.

What The Critics Say

“Frozen Planet is fabulous, beautiful, sumptuous”
The Guardian

“The series took four years to make but on the strength of the first episode it was worth every day”
The Times

“Some of the most compelling nature and wildlife moments you'll ever see”
The Hollywood Reporter

“Brilliant... a masterpiece”
Daily Telegraph

Frozen Planet is the follow-up to the ground-breaking Planet Earth and has been created by the same award-winning team.

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