Nature's Great Events (DVD)

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Witness the planet's most breathtaking natural events, and follow the dramatic wildlife stories behind them

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Witness the planet's most breathtaking natural events, and follow the dramatic wildlife stories behind them. Combining the epic cinematography of Planet Earth, with all the emotion, intimacy and storytelling of a wildlife diary, this series charts the effects of global climatic phenomena which transform entire landscapes, drawing in thousands of animals and determining their fate.
Whereas Planet Earth gave us a global view, Nature's great events delves into the more personal, emotionally engaging approach.
Nature's great events brings us the same high definition quality and "wow factor" images we've come to associate with Planet Earth.

Using state of the art filming technology, Nature's Great Events on BBC One captures the Earth's most dramatic and epic wildlife spectacles and the intimate stories of the animals caught up in them. From the flooding of the Okavango Delta, in Africa, to the great summer melt of ice in the Arctic and the massive annual bloom of plankton in the northern Pacific Ocean, each of the six programmes features a different event set in one of the world's most iconic wildernesses. The characters include tiny grizzly bear cubs emerging from their den in snow-covered mountains; baby elephants struggling to survive against drought and lion attack in Africa; humpback whales hunting as a team; the world's largest concentration of dolphins and sharks gathering off the coast of South Africa; and polar bear families navigating their precarious way on ever-thinning ice.

The world-renowned BBC Natural History Unit uses sophisticated high definition cameras, cutting-edge aerial, underwater and ultra slow-motion filming techniques to capture in intimate detail some of the audience's best-loved wildlife, as their lives become entwined with these dramatic events. As the Earth is rapidly changing, we can no longer take these great natural events for granted. By filming the events and their fluctuations this series takes the pulse of the planet.

Nature's Great Events TV firsts include: Aerial footage of the amazing migration of the mysterious Arctic narwhal whale, with its unicorn-like tusk High definition footage of polar bears feeding on seals, struggling to survive as they hunt in broken ice and fall through

The sardine run filmed with three crews in full high definition underwater, aerial and on the surface Pioneering the boat stabilising mount to film the sardine run previously only used in Hollywood feature films A shoal of sardines 15 miles long surrounded by thousands of sharks; 10,000 gannets raining down on a shoal of fish and a super-pod of 5,000 common dolphins all filmed using the high definition helicopter mount Cape fur seals coming ashore to snatch gannet chicks from their colony The eruption of the Ol Doinyo Lengai Volcano in the Serengeti the first eruption since 1964 filmed in HD from the ground and the air Revealing the epic scale of the wildebeest migration from the air

Release Date 16-03-2009
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 2 x DVD
Duration 6 x 50 minutes

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