Rise of the Continents (DVD)

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This four part series investigates clues that tell a story of a land that no longer exists. Presented by Professor Iain Stewart.

250 million years ago, the Earth looked like something from another solar system. The continents we know today were concentrated into a single giant landmass – Pangaea – surrounded by Panthalassa – an immense ocean.

But about 200 million years ago, this supercontinent started to break apart: new ocean basins were forming, mountains rocketed skywards and over millions of years, seven new landmasses were created from the remnants of the old, each one unique – our continents.

In this stunning four part series Professor Iain Stewart uncovers the evidence for this ancient past. He reveals how the world around us is full of clues – in the rocks, the landscapes and even the animals that tell how the land we live on was created. He shows how the defining moments of their formation have fundamentally shaped each of our continents’ characters - transforming evolution, forging their incredible economic riches and changing the course of human history.

Please note, this title is unavailable for purchase Australia and New Zealand as it has yet to be televised.

Release Date 01-07-2013
Region (DVD) 2 & 4
Contains 2 Discs
Subtitles English For Hard of Hearing
Duration 200 Mins

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