The Great British Year: Wildlife through the Seasons (Hardback)

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The Great British Year Wildlife through the Seasons book. Order today with free delivery. Experience the astonishing wildlife and seasonal spectacles on Britainís own doorstep in this companion to the new BBC One series.

Britain is a place of remarkable beauty and surprising extremes: nowhere else in the temperate world boasts such extreme variety in such a small area. Our humble island has over 10,000 miles of coastline; iconic animals and birds; and unique spectacles of migration that see wildlife from all corners of the globe descend upon our shores.

Here, life is governed by the seasons: each month brings extraordinary transformations to our land and its inhabitants. This lavish companion to the new BBC One series shows British wildlife as never before, celebrating the vibrancy of the changing year through stunning photography and mesmerising time-lapse sequences, and revealing the unmissable drama and beauty of a world on our very own doorstep

Release Date 10-10-2013
Author Stephen Moss
No pages (Books) 320
Cover (Annual, Hard or Paperback) Hardback

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