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Wild Arabia (DVD)


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Release date: 11/03/2013


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A natural history of a mysterious land.

The first major series to reveal the wildlife, wild places and extraordinary people of the vast Arabian peninsula, Wild Arabia takes a surprising and beguiling journey
into a fascinating region.

1. Sand, Wind and Stars
In the beautiful wilderness that is the largest sand desert in the world, Wild Arabia reveals extraordinary wildlife, from the mythical oryx to deadly scorpions; travels with the Bedouins and their camels and encounters mysterious ancient civilisations.

2. The Jewel of Arabia
In Oman’s Dhofar Mountains, cameras
capture the first ever HD footage of the
Arabian leopard, while its offshore waters
reveal humpback whales, turtles, vast shoals of fish and the key to annual rainstorms which briefly turn a barren land into a
green paradise.

3. Shifting Sands
Finally, the series considers the people’s
fast-changing relationship with nature. Traditional camel races are ridden by robot jockeys and falcons are trained with radio-controlled planes, but wildlife is also protected; tagged dugongs swim in the warm Gulf waters and whale sharks are kept safe
in ‘no-take’ zones.

Beautifully shot with an amazing array of wildlife and fascinating stories, Wild Arabia reveals the remarkable connections between the nature, people and landscape of this astonishing land.

Narrated by Alexander Siddig

Arabia is a breathtaking mix of deserts, seas, mystery and romance. This beautiful series reveals the surprising connections between the nature, people, landscape and history of this little known kingdom.

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