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Doctor Who: City Of Death (DVD)


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Release date: 07/11/2005


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The Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana (Lalla Ward) visit Paris for a holiday. When the Mona Lisa is stolen, the Doctor comes upon evidence of sinister time experiments being carried out by a wealthy Count, Scarlioni. He soon exposes a plot by Scaroth, the last of the Jagaroth race, to re-write the history of Earth by avoiding the destruction of his space ship - but it was this explosion that led to the formation of life on Earth!

DVD Extras: Commentary - with stars Julian Glover, Tom Chadbon and director Michael Hayes
'Paris, W12' - behind the scenes featurette
Studio featurette - recently discovered behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the story
'Prehistoric Landscapes' - montage of unused landscape and spacecraft model shots from the story
'Chicken Wrangler' - comedic montage of the trials and tribulations of trying to film the chicken sequence
'Eye on Blatchford' - spoof investigative documentary from the team who bought us 'Oh Mummy'! We enter the life of one of Blatchford's more unusual residents... Sardoth, the second-to-last of the Jagaroth!
Photo Gallery - rare and previously unseen photos and production designs
1980 Doctor Who Annual - PDF format version of the complete annual for PC/Mac
Production Subtitle Notes
Original 'Next Week' caption and continuity voiceover from end of part four
3 Easter Eggs

The Doctor and Romana visit Paris for a holiday. Stars Tom Baker as The Doctor

Dr Who, Sci-Fi, Science Fiction, tom baker, tom baker, tom baker

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