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Doctor Who: Cybermen Collection (DVD)

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Some call the Cybermen 'techno-zombies' and they have been compared to the Borg. The Doctor abhors them and their merciless assimilation of other civilisations. This 4 story pack highlights the Cyber-menace at its best.

Revisit the Cybermen’s return in this fantastic collection featuring 4 thrilling episodes, as the Doctor and companions battle against the evil silver giants. Starring David Tennant and Billie Piper .

Rise of the Cybermen:
On a parallel Earth, a deadly new version of the Doctor’s old enemy is about to be reborn.

The Age of Steel:
The Cybermen take control of London and start converting the population while the Doctor, Rose & Mickey become fugitives.

Army of Ghosts:
The Doctor and Rose are drawn to the Torchwood Tower, but a mighty invasion force is ready to march.

As two mighty armies clash, the Doctor realises that saving the Earth might mean the death of Rose Tyler.

Special Features:
David Tennant introduction
Top Cybermen moments

Release Date 13-04-2009
Region (DVD) 2

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