Doctor Who: The Dominators (DVD)

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Patrick Troughton stars in this classic Doctor Who saga that sees the TARDIS materialise on the planet Dulkis which is under threat from the power hungry Dominators.

The TARDIS materialises on the planet Dulkis, currently under threat from two alien Dominators, Rago and his subordinate Toba, who have landed in a spaceship.

Aided by their robotic servants, the Quarks, and slave workers drawn from the native Dulcian population, the Dominators set about drilling bore holes, through which they plan to fire rockets into the planet's molten core. Their intention is then to drop an atomic seed capsule into the resulting eruption, turning Dulkis into a radioactive mass - fuel for the Dominators' space fleet….

Can the Doctor defeat the Dominators by intercepting the seed capsule and placing it on board their ship to destroy it after take off?

Special Features Include : Commentaries, Behind the Scenes, Makings of, Photo Gallery, Storyboards and Subtitles

Release Date 12-07-2010
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 1 Disc
Duration 125 mins

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