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Torchwood: Complete Series 1 (DVD)


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Release date: 19/11/2007


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All thirteen episodes of the popular Doctor Who spin-off series set in Cardiff. Captain Jack, from Doctor Who is in charge of Torchwood - a disparate crew of investigators, each an expert in his chosen field, searching desperately for alien debris that has fallen to earth. They're beyond the rule of law - hired by the UK government and in a race to find the technology before the UN does, so that they might use it to fight crime here on earth.

Episodes include: 'Everything Changes', 'Day One', 'Ghost Machine', 'Cyberwoman', 'Small Worlds', ' Countrycide', 'Greeks Bearing Gifts', They Keep Killing Susie', 'Random Shoes', 'Out Of Time', 'Combat', 'Captain Jack Harkness' and 'End Of Days'.

All thirteen episodes of the popular Doctor Who spin-off series set in Cardiff

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