Something Special: Time for Mr Tumble (DVD)

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Mr Tumble and the Tumble Family help Justin and friends explore 8 different adventures on this DVD featuring the award winning BBC TV series designed to appeal to young children in a very accessible way.

This award-winning BBC TV series uses Makaton sign language and is aimed at children with learning and communication difficulties – but it has also proved incredibly popular with many other pre-school viewers. These eight new episodes focus on everyday aspects of young children’s lives, and feature clowning and tomfoolery from the irrepressible Mr Tumble (as well as Lord Tumble, Aunt Polly and Grandad Tumble). Justin and his friends set off on exciting quests – including gentle adventures at a playgroup, a music festival and a village fete.

1. Nature Trail
2. Play
3. Sport
4. Village Fete
5. Festival
6. London
7. Art
8. Baby

Find out more about how to use Makaton like Justin! Contact the Makaton Charity at or telephone 01276 606760

Release Date 04-04-2011
Region (DVD) 2
Contains 1 disc