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Doctor Who: Ace Adventures Box Set (DVD)


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Doctor Who: Ace Adventures Boxset (DVD)
Enjoy one of the Doctor's most cherished companions with this double-bill featuring the feisty Ace (Sophie Aldred), the Earth schoolgirl turned accidental space tourist!

Featuring the Seventh Doctor (played by Sylvester McCoy), enjoy these two classic episodes as Ace is first introduced in Dragonfire, helping the Doctor take on an evil megalomaniac with a body temperature as cold as ice and a biomechanoid that shoots lasers from its eyes! Then don't dare to look glum as the 'Professor' and Ace venture out on The Happiness Patrol where a frown could see you executed...

Revisit these classic 1980s episodes of Doctor Who and see why Ace became an all-time fan favourite, plus enjoy a huge array of extras that reveal the stories behind the camera...

Did You Know?
• The three-part Dragonfire is ranked as one of the all-time great Doctor Who serials and, as well as ushering in Ace, the serial also saw the departure of companion Melanie 'Mel' Bush (played by Bonnie Langford) from the show
• Ace's full name is Dorothy Gale "Ace" McShane, an expelled schoolgirl from Perivale, London. She frequently referred to the Doctor as the 'Professor' and would stay by his side from 1987 until 1989.
• The BBC mistakenly claimed that Dragonfire was Doctor Who's 150th story after getting its counting in a muddle; it was actually the 147th
• Dragonfire was first broadcast in three weekly episodes on the 23rd and 30th November and the 7th of December, 1987 at 7.35 in the evening. The Happiness Patrol was first broadcast in three weekly episodes on the 2nd, 9th and 16th of November, 1988 at the same time in the evening.

What's In The Box?
• Two three-part serials that run for 73-74 minutes each approx.
• There are a mass of extras for Doctor Who fans to enjoy including:

Deleted or extended scenes
Making-of documentaries
Ace wishing Blue Peter a 'Happy Birthday'!

In these two classic stories Ace joins the Seventh Doctor aboard the TARDIS where she’s soon battling a biomechanoid and liberating a world where just feeling sad can get you shot!

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