Forza Motorsport 5

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Forza Motorsport 5 is a cinematic automotive journey starring the world’s greatest cars and tracks for Xbox One. Order today with free UK delivery. Features the Top Gear Test Track and some commentary from Jezza himself.

Drive the Top Gear Test Track on your Xbox!

Forza Motorsport 5 is a cinematic automotive journey starring the world’s greatest cars and tracks. Built from the ground up to take advantage of the new Xbox One and the vast power of the cloud, no game better delivers the wide-eyed thrill of racing.

Once again, the TopGear track is a unique feature of Forza Motorsport but this time you get to take-on a series of TG-style challenges with the voices of Jeremy, James and Richard to help you choose your cars. You even get to race against The Stig’s Digital Cousin as part of a TopGear section that can only be found in Forza Motorsport 5.

Never Race Alone - By learning how you and your friends drive, the power of the cloud delivers real human behaviour. Drivatar technology creates an ever-evolving network of opponents who are always ready to race. Real tendencies, real mistakes, real victories.

Unprecedented Visual Realism – A new graphics engine recreates thousands of physically-based materials at a level of precision never before possible; the play of light on a perfect coat of paint, the texture of hand-stitched leather and brushed metal, the history written onto scratched rotors and worn concrete. A world of speed, beauty and danger real enough to touch.

Your Ultimate Car Fantasy – Own and race the cars of your dreams. From purpose-built race cars to classic sports cars to modern tuners, every car features a customized career true to its heritage.

Fast and Fair Multiplayer – With Smart Match™ matchmaking and Xbox Live dedicated servers, experience epic, fast and competitive multiplayer perfectly suited to your skill and style.

Release Date 22-11-2013